Embrace the Metal

Lovely, luscious stunning silver. Who wouldn’t be excited to wear something like this? Now how excited would you be if you had just made that bracelet? In my day job, I make forged silver and gold jewelry. And I have a blog where I talk in general about metalsmithing techniques, custom design projects, and gemstones. But this is my blog to share both my love for metal, and how, specifically, to work with precious metals.

Have I mentioned I love what I do? Now I want to share that love with you, and help you learn to love metal as much (or more!) than I do.

My plan is to list a project, with step by step instructions on how I built that project. I’ll also share some similar inspiring projects from metalsmiths around the world, along with other types of input that influence my artistic process. Then, I’ll post your completed projects in the Gallery section. I envision this blog as a meeting ground for enthusiastic smiths, artists, and interested passers-by. It should be a ton of fun. 🙂

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